Hutchinson PJ ConveyXonic® belt that revolutionizes roller conveyors

Hutchinson, a French company from the Chemical Branch of the Total Group – first capitalisation at the Paris stock exchange - is one of the world’s leaders in elastomer transformation.

Hutchinson, inventor of the Poly V® concept, is recognized throughout the world as the specialist for belt drive systems.


HUTCHINSON PJ CONVEYXONIC® belt that revolutionizes roller conveyors

 In response to industrial customer needs, Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems has developed the ConveyXonic® belt for roller conveyor manufacturers and users.

The ConveyXonic® J profile belt is the « 6 in 1 » belt capable of transporting various loads from 1 to 2000Kg (3,000 lbs), while replacing the six typical technologies used in the conveyor systems: flat belt, round belt, timing belt, twisted belt, tangential belt and chain. 


The belt’s elastic properties allow for at least a 30% reduction in costs by using 1 motor for fifty rollers while at the same time adding the advantages of improved lifespan and shocks and vibrations absorption.


With a potent torque transmission – up to 4 times greater than an O-Ring belts – and increased package speeds up to 2 meters per second, the ConveyXonic® belt can be adapted to suit all linear  and curved conveyors. Under some specific conditions, ConveyXonic® belts may even replace heavy chaind-based systems.


ConveyXonic® improves efficiency while working silently. It requires no maintenance since lubrication and re-tensioning are not needed. Its elastomeric body eliminates any corrosion and concerns.


Easy to use thanks to an automatic or semi-automatic installation, our ConveyXonic® product line has been designed with the conveyor industry requirements in mind !


ConveyXonic® is available worldwide, with two, three, four or more rib profiles through our distribution network. HUTCHINSON can assist you in sizing an optimized belt for your application.


We will be happy to put you in contact with the distributor closest to you.


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