Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems

Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems is part of Hutchinson Group’s Transmission and Mobility business line. Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems, the inventor of the Poly V design, is globally recognised as the specialist in recommendation through calculation for belt drive power transmission.

Complete transmission systems: ribbed belts, linear tensioners, decoupling pulleys..

Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems develops and manufactures complete transmission systems incorporating ribbed belts, linear tensioners, Thermodur pulleys, rollers and decoupling pulleys.

Hutchinson BELT DRIVE SYSTEMS supplements its product range with classic V-belts and synchronous belts.

As an industry leader, Hutchinson works with the largest manufacturers in the Household Electrical Appliance, Automotive and Industry sectors (Ventilation/Air Conditioning, Agricultural Machinery, Construction, Handling and Conveying, Mines and Quarries, Paper Industry, Fitness, Industrial Vehicles, Energy, etc.).

This website is aimed specifically at Industry.

However, if you wish to contact us about an automotive or household electrical appliance belt (washing machine or clothes dryer), please fill out this request form and send us your question. We will forward your request to the relevant department.

Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems is a key partner for companies looking for innovation, to whom we can offer high added value, cost-effective and reliable systems.

In order to address the requirements of the Industry market, Hutchinson supplies the largest manufacturers with its Poly V belt, its FleXonic® elastic belt and revolutionises roller conveyors with its ConveyXonic® belt as well as its new range of classic V-belts and synchronous belts and tensioners (fixed, dual position, dynamic and hydraulic).

Please do not hesitate to contact us: we will supply you with the best product or system solution for your power transmission.

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