Year after year, HUTCHINSON has reasserted its position as the world leader in elastomer technologies.

In a changing and ever more competitive environment,
In a context of high price pressure on our products and the raw materials that we use.

And it is our will to remain number one ! Adding “operational excellence” to our historical and founding values – our ability for innovation and adaptation, the skills and professionalism of our teams – on which will proceed and go on basing a sustainable and profitable growth.

5 directions to go towards the Operational Excellence :

CUSTOMERS to whom we are regularly oriented to identify their projects very much upstream ; thier perception on our levels of performances is systematically measured IN ORDER to be more efficiently guided towards excellence and sustainable profitability.

Management SYSTEMS corresponding to each of the Group’s business line, which set the overall frame and provisions that are to be implemented on a day-to-day basis IN ORDER to meet our customers requirements, monitor our processes AND improve the processes performances. All our automotive site are certified (ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certification).

MANAGEMENT PRACTICES supported by a review of factual data…, WITH INDIVIDUALS who develop new behavioural patterns as far as compliance with standards is concerned and who are ever more reactive when faced with quality-oriented incidents, IN ORDER to build this operational excellence in a day-to-day environment.

Fully monitored, constantly improved PROCESSES based on a increasingly accelerating value creation and on reduce source of production variations, IN ORDER to satisfy the markets needs in terms of costs, flexibility and products quality.

Reliable SUPPLIERS, as key partners of our overall and global Purchase process, with early involvement in helping us develop our products through joint projects, AND WHO contribute to our innovation strength and to the improvement of our production costs.

All of Belt Drive Systems Activity plants are certified through ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards.




  • BSC (Balanced Score Card), to transform a strategy thinking into a implemented actions plan.
  • Management through Processes to put the organization at the service of our ambitions.
  • QC STORY to solve the problems of the daily life.
  • QRQC to enhance the skills to solve problems.
  • HPS (Hutchinson Production System), a set of standardized tools, active in 4 fields : day-to-day management, Process control, Just in time and equipment control through TPM – aiming at a coordinated deployment.
  • DYNAMIC FMECA (= QC STORY + FMEA), to enable an even more robust process and to capitalize on through FMECA.
  • DMAIC 6 SIGMA, a structured and rigorous method to restrict the process variability.
  • HDS for Excellence in R&D.

1 Be open minded, refuse the present state of things.
2 Instead of explaining why something cannot be done, think of how you are going to do it.
3 Implement good improvement ideas right away.
4 Don’t aim at perfection, achieve 60% of the objective right now.
5 Correct an error right on the spot
6 Make the problem unbearable and dig new ideas from it.
7 Identify the root causes, use the – 5 Whys - to then find the solution.
8 Use ideas from 10 individuals rather than waiting for one smart idea from one person only.
9 Test and then validate.
10 Measure the progress achieved.
11 Learn to copy and improve.
12 Improvement is an endless process.