The revolution in roller conveyors.


The Conveyxonic® belt has been specifically developed
for roller & pallet conveyors.

It is the only technology capable of transporting parcels weighing from 1 kg to 2 tonnes.

  • Cost savings
  • Technical performance
  • Customer confidence

Conveyxonic® belt applications


Two profiles to cover a power range from 55 to 550W and 0.10m/s to 3m/s.

  • The ConveyXonic® PJ «Light loads» easily outperforms round polyurethane belts,
    with its transmission ratio 4-times higher.

Conveyxonic light loads

  • The ConveyXonic®  PJ «Medium and Heavy loads» can replace a chain drive system.

Hutchinson Conveyxonic Medium Heavy Loads

Cost savingS


  • Electricity:

The efficiency of the ConveyXonic® reduces
the motor’s electrical consumption.

  • Stock: 

Only one technology to stock.
In the case of light loads and depending on the weight of the load being transported, you change the number of ribs on the belt but always retain the same roller.

Our complete range of ConveyXonic® belts is readily available from all our distributors.

  •  Low purchase cost: Immediate savings.

Hutchinson Conveyxonic Light Loads

The ConveyXonic® belt’s exceptional mechanical properties mean that a single motor is able to power up to a maximum of 50 rollers.
Generating a saving of at least 30% on each module.

 Hutchinson conveyxonic medium heavy module

With a ConveyXonic® belt, a single motor is needed to run a maximum of 20 rollers


 High performance for pallet conveyor 

Hutchinson offers a ConveyXonic® PK belt to replace chains for very heavy loads up to 2 tonnes (89mm roller diameter, 80mm ribbed pulley diameter).For Very Heavy loads:

Hutchinson Conveyxonic Heavy Loads

As a partner and designer of solutions, we can help you meet your design parameters: line transfers, sorters, very light load conveyors, special geometries, etc


Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems has designed Conveyxonic Wizard APP to define your Conveyxonic® belt for your roller conveyor (straight, pallet) in just a few seconds!

More details in our Conveyxonic belt leaflet.