Conveyxonic® Wizard App

Define your roller conveyor's Conveyxonic® belt in just a few clicks!

With this application, you can define your Conveyxonic® belt for your roller conveyor (straight, curved, palett) in just a few seconds!

This simple, quick and efficient application guides you in dimensioning and using Conveyxonic® belts, which are already widely used by conveyor system and component manufacturers.

1. Enter your chosen parameter(s) :

- transmission geometry

- load to be carried

2. The Conveyxonic® Wizard immediately figures out the rest for you.


This app can be used offline. You can choose it in metric or imperial units; and for the US or worldwide market.

With your user account you can receive your calculation results by email.


This free software is also available Online or you can download (on the right) the desktop version.