The revolution in roller & pallet conveyors

The ConveyXonic® is a power transmission elastic belt featuring longitudinal ribs.

It has been specifically developed for roller conveyors. It is the only technology capable of transporting parcels weighing from 1 kg to 2 tonnes.

  • Cost savings
  • Easy to use
  • Technical performance
  • Customer confidence

Conveyxonic® belt applications


  • For light loads

roller conveyor light loads

- From 1 to 400kg

- For straights & curved conveyors

Multi-level conveyors: Efficient use possible at an angle of 10% maximum.
Accumulation: Accumulation rollers with grooved profiles are now available of use with the ConveyXonic®.
Curves: minimum inner radius 800 mm and maximum angle roller to roller 5°.

  • For Medium loads

roller conveyor medium loads

- From 400kg to 1,2T

- For pallet conveyors

  • For Heavy loads

roller conveyor heavy loads

 - From 1T to 2T

- For pallet conveyors

As a partner and designer of solutions, we can help you meet your design parameters: line transfers, sorters, very light load conveyors, special layouts, etc.
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Cost saving for roller conveyor



The efficiency of the ConveyXonic® reduces the motor's electrical consumption.


Only one technology to stock: In the case of light loads and depending on the weight of the load being transported, you change the number of ribs on the belt but always retain the same roller.
Our complete range of ConveyXonic® belts is readily available from all our distributors.

Low purchase cost

Immediate savings.

pj conveyxonic light loads

pj conveyxonic medium loads

pk conveyxonic heavy loads

 High performance for pallet conveyor 


Thanks to the elastic properties of its side guides, the ConveyXonic® prevents the belt jumping and reduces irritating noise by absorbing shocks, vibrations and flapping. The grooves in the ConveyXonic® make the transmission very silent, whatever speed the conveyor is operating at.


No more chain stops: the ConveyXonic® can now operate non-stop 24/7 in complete silence.


A number of safety features are available on the market to meet the requirements of your conveyor.

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