Spare belts for Household Appliances

OEM Quality:

HUTCHINSON develops complete power transmission systems using Poly V and Poly V MA belts.

Hutchinson is a partner of the largest manufacturers of household appliances equipment and passes on to you the benefit of its experience and the quality demanded by these OEMs.

Spare ribbed belts for washing machines and clothes dryers.

Our spare belts are designed with the same materials, the same tooling and the same process as for these OEMs.

In terms of household electrical appliance spares for washing machines and clothes dryers, HUTCHINSON offers one of the world's most extensive and reliable ranges with

  • Poly V belts
  • Poly V MA belts

Extensive global coverage:

A leader and partner of the largest white goods' manufacturers, Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems produces more than 450 lines of ribbed belts, thereby covering 98% of the installed base of washing machines and clothes dryers.

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