Hydraulic damping tensioners

Hydraulic damping tensioners are heavy duty products. They are suitable for applications requiring an accurate tensioning level and so dynamic behaviour is tough.

- Long lifetime in a heavy duty environment thanks to its rubber components (imperviousness and shock absorption)

- High asymmetric damping performance (100:1)

- Modular component ranges


Tensioner hutchinson

Long lifetime in a heavy duty environment:

  • Rubber eyepieces
  • Preassembled spring, making it impervious to the internal hydraulic system (cylinder + piston + calibrated damping ring)
  • High-performance oil 


High-performance asymmetric damping:

Hydraulic tensioner damping

High damping and rapid recovery!

Modular approach:

Linear tensioners: several ranges of length and stiffness

  • Rollers: variety of widths, diameters and rim materials (cast iron, steel, sheet metal, thermoplastics, Thermodur)
  • Arms: adaptable to the geometry and environment available