HVAC - Cooling tower

The challenge

  • Description of the application: Cooling Tower 
  • Former type of transmission: V-Belts and timing belts
  • Type of users: Refineries / Air conditioning
  • Complaints: High noise level / Short lifespan / Dirt

Problems & Consequences

  • Noise: Air compression between belt and the timing pulley grooves is generating whistling.
  • Breakage: Non equal tension of the V-belts leads to a bad balance of the ventilator blades which can generate a breakage of ventilator blades, or a short lifespan of the V-belts (6 months as a maximum).
  • Corrosion: Humidity that stagnates in grooves of the timing pulleys create rust, transmission wear and dirt danger.

Solution & results


  • Silence: the shape of the grooves of the Poly V® pulley allows air to move freely sliding lenghtwise silently.
  • Low maintenance: A single belt with an homogeneous tension eliminates jerks on blades. 3 to 5 years of life span for a Poly V® avoids maintenace operations.
  • Clean Running: the ribs of the Poly V® belt riege squeeze water from the pulley grooves immediatly avoiding rust formation.