Poly V
The belt for all applications

The Poly V is a power transmission belt featuring multiple longitudinal ribs.

It transmits the torque by contact of the belt rib flanks and the pulley grooves.

Its monobloc design guarantees:

  • Compactness
  • High power transmission
  • Operating cost

Poly V belt Applications


The Poly V has been designed with a larger contact surface area than V belts or flat belts.

The Poly V has multiple application benefits:

  • Improved transmission ratio is possible (Poly V 1 : 60 vs V belt 1 : 20). Does away with the need for stepped pulleys.
  • Reduced diameters (diameters up to 9mm with the H profil compared to 50mm with V belts).
  • Reduced belt width for a given geometry and the same power transfer.

Moreover, the Poly V can operate in flexion and counter flexion with the following benefits:

  • A single belt can drive several accessories: serpentine belt installation.
  • Driving accessories from the back of the belt.

High output:

Smaller carbon footprint

Iso-tension and iso-geometry technical tests show that the Poly V can achieve an output several percent higher: over 98%, which can reduce energy consumption and sometime even engine size.

reduce energy consumption and sometime even engine size.

Reduced costs:


  • Reduced diameter and pulley width.
  • Reduced belt length.
  • No need for inertia flywheels in some cases.
  • Machining of pulleys is facilitated: the Poly V can be used on smooth pulleys (receivers).


  • Rapid set up (1 Poly V can replace up to 15 V belts).
  • No need for matching.
  • Increased lifespan.


  • Reduced consumption due to high output.