Special Poly V

Operating conditions





Presence of hydrocarbon Hydrocarbon-resistant elastomersExtended belt lifetimeCombustion engines - oil pumps
Gym (cleanliness)

Elastomers with

specific surface protection

No pilling Fitness equipment (bikes, treadmills)
Chemical  attackEPDM elastomersMeets RoHS and REACH requirements

Floor cleaners

Machine tools

Challenging environment with dust, dirtEPDM elastomers Improved resistance to abrasion

Off-road engines


Refrigeration - Extreme coldSpecific elastomersContinuous resistance to -30°C


Off-road engines

High temperatureSpecific elastomersContinuous resistance to +120°C Mini air compressors - Off-road engines
Explosive atmosphereConductive elastomersISO 1813-compliant

Mines (fans, grinding mills, crushers)

Grain silos

High torqueAramide cableTransferable power: +30%Turbines - centrifuges -pulpers

Paper roller feed system at the back
of the belt (cleanliness)

Textile coating

Continuous cleanness of paper
Resistance to abrasion

Paper unwinders
Transported by the back of the beltCoating with white elastomerNon-markingChange giving machines
Paper mills
Compliance with noise standardsBack with cured elastomerThickness honed and therefore regularMachine tools
Friction feedElastomer coating Resistance to compression & abrasionEscalator handrails