HVAC - Piston compressor

The challenge

Problems & Consequences

  • High acquisition costs: Use of large diameter pulley and thick V-belt groove generates costs.
  • Energy costs: Piston Compressor requires a powerful motor of large size to have a correct output.
  • Life time: Shocks and tortional vibrations decrease life time of the V belt.
  • Noise: V-belt becomes noisier as it loses tension..

Solution & Benefits


  • Lowacquisition costs: Pulley diameter is reduced and the thick V‐belt groove is eliminated, which lead to savings of between 20 to 25% on raw material purchase.
  • Savings: FleXonic® solution saves energy by allowing you to equip your piston compressor with a smaller, lower horse power motor with comparable results.
  • Increased reliability: The elasticity of the FleXonic® belt absorbs shocks and tortional vibrations of a piston compressor, avoiding further transmission of the vibrations and increasing the drive’s durability.
  • Silence: The FleXonic® belt has elastic properties that guarantee an automatic and continuous tension : vibrations are absorbed and running noise is reduced leading to a gain of 2dBa.