The original elastic belt for industry

The FleXonic® is a power transmission elastic belt featuring multiple longitudinal ribs.

Each FleXonic® belt is custom sized for your application. Our technical teams calculate and decide what belt size you need.

The FleXonic® belt can be installed on a fixed center distance. Its elastic polyamide cord gives it unrivalled advantages:

  • Reliability and high quality power transmission
  • Reduced costs

FleXonic® belt Applications



Tension reliability and stability 

The FleXonic® tension can be stabilised after just a few minutes in dynamic performance mode. Tension will not change throughout the lifetime of the belt.

No need for maintenance operations to re-tension V-belts.
The FleXonic® belt's elastic properties guarantee automatic and constant tension.  

Reduced costs 

  • Reduced acquisition costs, no need for tensioning device.
  • Reduced weight and compactness of power transmission.
  • Reduced pulley diameter. 
  • Reduced maintenance budget :
    • No need for re-tensioning and verification operations.
    • Increased lifespan of the belt.