HVAC - Portable Compressor

The challenge

Problems & Consequences

  • Acquisition costs: Use of guidance pulleys and flanges, of tensioner components and of pulleys with large diameter.
  • Life time: Bad resistance of positive transmission to acyclisme.
  • Weight: Flat and timing belt are very large and long, which make them heavy.
  • Noise: Running noises and vibrations due to structure of the timing belt.

Solution & Benefits


  • Savings: Thanks to the linear guidance of the FleXonic®, removal of guidance pulleys and flanges, elimination of tensioner components. Furthermore, FleXonic®’s flexibility allows it to be fitted on small diameter (18mm, 0.71 in).
  • Controlled performance: Good resistance to acyclisme. Lifespan of FleXonic® is adapted to your applications (4 performance levels : 150h, 300h, 500h and 1,000h).
  • Reduced weight: 20% reduction of the lenght and 30% reduction of the width. Compatibility with universal motors.
  • Silence: The elastic properties of the FleXonic® belt are ensuring automatic and continuous tension : vibrations are absorbed and running noises are eliminated.