Double-Sided Poly V
Double power transmission by belt

Double-Sided Poly V is a power transmission belt with longitudinal ribs on both sides.

It enables power to be transmitted on each side of the belt and drive pulleys in both directions.

  • Increased contact surface.
  • Absorbs sudden spikes and blockages.

Double-Sided Poly V  belt applications 

The Double-Sided Poly V belt can be used on all applications that require pulleys to change direction, for example:

  • Cylinder crushers (ex: crushers for the milling industry, cattle feed)
  • Dough moulders and sheeters for bakeries
  • Agricultural machinery (ex: cultivators)
  • Textile machinery (ex: carding machine)
  • Gardening equipment (ex: lawn garden tractor)

2x contact surface (with equivalent pulley width)

The contact surface is twice as large as the Poly V and transmits power on both sides. 

Double-Sided Poly V

Absorbs sudden spikes or blockages 

High torque that does not penalize transmission : The belt profile allows functional slippage and protects the

Double-Sided Poly V


Available in K and L profile.